One of the most common questions I am typically asked is where the name Violet Blue came from and what it means.  The answer is simple really, but the origin was inspired by own childhood imagination.  The very first pet I ever had was a bunny, which my five year old self cleverly decided to name Blueberry Pink.  While I can’t say HE enjoyed the name much, I always loved it. 

While I was taking a Business of Photography class in college, I was taught to find a name for my future photography business that would represent not only my work, but also me as a person.  A lot of others in my class, if not all, used their own name or nickname as the name of their business.   I, on the other hand, wanted something different.  After a lot of careful thought and consideration, I came back to the name Blueberry Pink, but I figured that it was time for a more “grown-up” version of the name.  I began putting lists of color names together until I came up with the perfect pair, violet and blue.

Colors hold a great deal of symbolism. The color violet represents imagination, creativity, inspiration, and luxury.  While the color blue is thought of to represent calm, trust, reliability, devotion, harmony, and serenity.  I have found that these colors and their meanings worked well to describe both me and my work, just as my instructor had suggested, hence the name Violet Blue.


I’m Erin.  Born and raised in the country, but a city girl at heart.  I have made it my life’s mission to try anything and everything at least once, and sometimes twice just to make sure I didn’t really like it the first time.  I’m a mom, soldier, truck driver, and photographer.  I am the “selfie queen” or so I have been told, but it has really been the driving force behind the start of my photography career.  At first, it began as an undying need to have the coolest profile picture on Facebook, until others began to notice and started asking if I would take pictures of them too.  I was hesitant at first which is why I enrolled in The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and began taking photography classes.  Soon thereafter, I started out shooting senior portraits and weddings.  A few lucky breaks later, my career expanded to include fashion photography, which I feel allows me to put my creativity to best use.


If you couldn’t already tell from the name, I am a huge fan of color.  I love when bright, vibrant colors come together to make a bold statement in an image.  That being said, I also love the way black and white images allow the viewer to see straight into the soul of a person without the distraction of color.

In this portfolio, I have gathered some of my favorite fashion images I have taken both in-studio and on-location.

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